Attendance Rule

  1. As regular attendance is an important element for successful work; for serious reasons only, prior written application for leave must invariably be asked for. In case of sickness or other unforeseen circumstances the pupils, on returning to school must have the reasons of absence certified by his/her parent or guardian and countersigned by the principal before written in the school calendar alongside the corresponding date.
  2. If a pupil is absent for 15 days without leave his/her name may be removed from the class-rolls; the usual admission fee will be charged if the pupil is re-admitted.
  3. Attendance at official school functions like Independence Day, Republic Day and Annual Day etc. is compulsory.
  4. No pupil may absent himself/herself from any examination or test except when prevented by reasons of health in which case a medical certificate is required.
  5. Half day leave will not be granted to students. Once they come to the school, they have to attend the whole day, unless requested by parents with a note in advance. In case of emergence they may be sent back home at their own risk, in which case the school will not take any risk.
  6. In case of serious illness and absent for more than three days, the principal must be informed in writing together with the Doctor’s Certificate, presented by the parents.
  7. Attendance on the first day of school, after vacation is compulsory. And strict action will be taken from those who do not abide by this rule. Absence, without leave granted by the principal, for more than three working days, especially before or after holidays, will be meted out by removal of the name from the rolls of attendance. Once removed from the rolls of registration, the process of re-admission have to be followed. It will be done only at the discretion of the principal. No pupil shall remain absent from school except on a written application from parents/Guardian duly granted by the principal.
  8. Sick and unhealthy students and those suffering from contagious disease shall not attend the classes.
  9. Students and teachers have to attend the assembly. Those who happen to come late shall not enter the class, but report to the principal and get marked in the late attendance column in the Handbook. Routine late-coming will not be tolerated and strict action will be taken. Whenever a student comes late to school, he/she should bring a note from the parent/guardian.